Burnt Offerings

I’ve made my way into Leviticus now as I attempt to read the Old Testament. If you have read through the Old Testament, you know that the law books can be a real struggle to read. I’ll admit that I have had a hard time focusing and staying encouraged…and I’m only on chapter 8! I’m learning to search for the glimpses of Jesus in this book as I pray for strength to read and be interested in what I’m reading as my sweet husband encourages me.

In Leviticus, we learn through the Lord speaking to Moses about all types of burnt offerings to bring man back to God. Our God is a just God and requires payment to be made on behalf of our sins and shortcomings. Men had to sacrifice animals on the altar to be right with God.

As I was reading, I came across verse 21 in chapter 8, “he washed the inner parts and the legs with water and burned the whole ram on the altar as a burnt offering, a pleasing aroma, an offering made to the Lord by fire, as the Lord commanded Moses”.

I wondered why the parts had to be washed with water if they were just going to be burned? What was the point of washing something you were just going to burn?

God is most high, most holy, and most perfect. He is foreshadowing the death of His perfect son, tempted in everyday, but without sin. Jesus walked on this earth in the flesh, just like you and me. Yet, he did not sin.

He did not sin but was the sacrifice for us.

For you.

For me.

The washing of the inner parts symbolized making something clean, perfect, without blemish. It symbolized the clean, perfect, without blemish, God in the flesh sacrifice that Jesus paid on the cross.

We are far too sinful to go to God in our own strength. We fall into loving this world  far too much. We worship the creation rather than it’s creator. We find hope in the world versus hope in the one true God. We entertain ourselves with gossip. Even our best deeds, our sacrificial serving, and heart to help others are filthy rags compared to a holy God.

However, because of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice on the cross, the sacrifice that all of the Old Testament points to, we are not seen as filthy rags to our Holy God.

If you have given your life to Christ and through confession that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, God doesn’t see you as that filthy rag.

Instead, He sees you as perfect, holy, and clean because of the blood Christ Jesus shed for you.

Christ was the ultimate sacrifice. Jesus came so that we would inherit eternal life through the washing of our sins by his perfect sacrifice.

How beautiful is that? We serve a loving, compassionate, and just God. May He receive all the glory forever and ever.



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