Pharoah, Pharoah, Oh Baby, Let My People Go

From Exodus 6-11

God promised deliverance to the Israelites through Moses. God calls Moses to go to Pharoah and tell him to let his people go.

There is so much we can learn about the character of God in this story.

First, God can and will use any type of person to carry out his plans.  His plans are sovereign and His will will be done. God chose Moses, a man who was obviously self-conscious of his speech to go to Pharoah and beg him to let the Israelites go. Exodus 6:12 says, “But Moses said to the Lord, If the Israelites will not listen to me, why would Pharoah listen to me since I have faltering lips?” Again, in 6:30, Moses says, “But Moses said to the Lord, Since I speak with faltering lips, why would Pharoah  listen to me?”

Moses didn’t feel qualified enough to go to Pharoah, yet God strengthened him and was the one who gave him the power to go to Pharoah in confidence that only comes from the Lord.

How often do you feel called by God to do something but lack the confidence and boldness to carry it out? For me, it’s often sharing and talking about my faith with others. Yet, God gives us, through his grace, the boldness through Jesus Christ to stand firm and speak truth to others, to stand up for what is right and true in God’s eyes, rather than the world’s, and to have boldness to walk in faith.

Second, God is mighty and powerful; great and wonderful. Pharoah was warned by Moses and Aaron TEN times to let their people go. God struck down the following plagues of Egypt: blood, frogs, gnats, flies, livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and death of the firstborn. Each time Pharoah refused to see God’s might and refused to let God’s people go.

Do you ever overlook God’s mighty works in your life? Perhaps it’s the most mundane thing, but such a significant sign of God’s grace in your life? Pharoah ignored God. He failed to see God’s mighty hands at work. I know I am guilty of being like Pharoah and ignoring God’s mighty works in my own life. May we have eyes to see, ears to hear, and a mouth to profess God’s goodness and wonders in our lives.

Third, God is faithful. He is sovereign. He knew what Pharoah would say each time Moses and Aaron went to him. How beautiful is his sovereignty. Can you imagine being Moses and Aaron? I would have probably threw in the towel after the third time and given up. But, God was so graciously building up Moses and Aaron’s faith through these trials. He gave them the perseverance to continue.

Maybe you’re having a hard time with your job. Maybe you’re facing challenges in your marriage. Perhaps you’re tired of the dishes piling up in the sink, the dirty diapers, the lack of sleep from crying babies. May we find rest in God’s sovereignty and find perseverance to keep going through Him.


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