hope and grace.

It’s been a month since I last posted and tonight I felt the urge to write a blog post. I feel cranky. I feel like I’m longing for something. I feel like there’s something I’m just yearning for and I can’t place my finger on it. My heart is aching for this…

My husband and I are looking for a new house…researching online has become a quick obsession for me.

I haven’t been scrolling through my Facebook or Instagram feed for almost a month, but I’ve managed to replace one bad, time-sucking habit to another…checking email, the weather constantly, Pinterest….

It’s tiring.

It drains me.

I used to find this type of hope I’m longing for in a husband…

I’m married now and this “hope” that I was so earnestly seeking is still there…

It’s a hope that in the strangest way, oddly enough, makes my soul and heart happy. They dance with joy.


Because that is how God created and wired human beings. We are wired to hope and long for this mystery because He is what our heart truly longs for. He is who and what our soul truly needs. Only he can satisfy.

It’s in these moments of intense wanting that I am reminded of the grace given to us on the cross where Jesus Christ laid down his life so that we would one day come face to face with this Hope.

The Hope of the World who strung the stars in the sky. Who told the sun to shine. Who raised up mountains and dug valleys. Who gave colors to our world and uniqueness to all living beings. Who created man in his own image and bore woman out of the man’s ribs. Who tells the wind to blow and the waves to crash ashore. This Hope not only created us and all of which we inhabit, but also came to earth in human form to suffer for our sake.

He suffered so that we could have hope.

Thanks be to God.

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