We received a Barnes & Noble gift card from a friend for our marriage. We scanned the Christian book section. I grabbed Matt Chandler’s newest book, The Mingling of Souls, off the shelf.

It’s in this book where I was introduced to this word.


Matt Chandler is one of my favorite pastors. His passion for Jesus Christ is reflected through his teaching. In The Mingling of Souls, Chandler walks us through the Song of Solomon to better understand attraction, dating, courtship, and marriage. I highly recommend this book to both singles and married couples alike.


Chandler talks about this ahava word found in Chapter Eight of Song of Songs. Ahava is a Hebrew word for love. Unlike the English language that throws around love in all sorts of contexts, the Hebrew language has different words to represent different meanings of love. I love chocolate chip cookies. I love my husband. Both sentences use the word love, but the word love means something different in each. This is where we get this beautiful word, ahava.

Ahava represents the committed love a husband and wife share…the kind of love that says…

I won’t give up on you.

I won’t look to another.

I am yours. For my whole life. Faithful to you.

Clinging to you.  

I’m here to stay. I’m not going anywhere but here. 

When I read about this love, I was so captivated by it. It’s only through the love of Jesus and our commitment to Him first that we can love our spouse with this ahava love. It’s when we value each other above ourselves and serve each other without selfish ambition. When Alex and I said our vows to each other, we weren’t just saying them before our Pastor, our wedding party, our families, our friends. No…we were making a committed promise to each other and God.

There is no doubt that we will have bumps in our marriage, that we will have hard times, but it’s because of Jesus’ ahava that we persevere.

Jesus didn’t abandon us when he was overwhelmed in agony of what He was about to do on the cross. That’s where we find the ability to love our spouse with ahava…because of our promise and life given to us through Him.

When thinking of a blog name, I loved the idea of incorporating ahava into it’s name. As a blog aimed to address marriage and scripture, I felt like ahava represented my vision. As a blog to encourage healthy living, I found ahava through the commitment to honor God’s temples (our bodies).

In all things….ahava.




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